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Artine Kain’s work has a series of philosophical and historical values ​​to reintroduce virtue through the incorporation of contemporary designs and philosophical meanings in the form of a scarf. The combination of modern minimalist style looks simple but elegant. Inspirational style that combines clothes with a scarf.

The creativity of a designer manages to combine classic motifs with modern styles and forms of shawls which are characterized by unique types of scarf motifs and patterns as a form of appreciation for the richness of Indonesian culture. Applying a scarf to be something beautiful to support the beauty of clothes that have a strong accent. The scarf is a fold that can be the main point and ethnic motifs become a harmonious elegant blend. This motif contains the meaning of beauty and beauty so that other people see who will be fascinated.

Artine Kain’s scarf is designed modernly with its history and classic beauty by processing a variety of clothes into a civilization trend that is more characteristic and elegant. A scarf that shows natural colors with more modern motifs with a harmonious combination of shapes, colors and a beautiful taste that is obtained because of the arrangement of meanings and symbols that make the image implied with meaning.

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