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Cultural diversity patterns that are full of meaning and philosophy become the picture frame on the Artine Kain Shirt. The depiction of the Artine Shirt pattern combines grandeur and philosophy that has a deep aesthetic value so that it has a more modern, classic, and elegant feel with a shirt from Artine Kain..

The beauty of Artine Kain shirts always has a strong appeal to those who see them. Modern shirts are here and bring a fresh nuance to the choice of Indonesian women’s clothing. The beauty side of the nightgown motif and the philosophy that offers a different character from the classic motifs. Shirt motifs with various patterns can be applied to many clothing styles to make them more elegant and charming.

The Artine Kain shirt gives a status symbol or message that is implied by the philosophical meaning that underlies its presence. The selection of patterns on the shirt is full of symbols and is identical to the symbolic language of the wearer.
The philosophy and meaning of making a shirt do not function as a body covering, but have a deep meaning for the wearer.

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