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Natural colors are manifested in a variety of fashion motifs. The motifs embodied in the contemporary nuanced dress were studded with philosophies. Simple, exclusive and minimalist combined with the strength of traditional culture with modern and exotic tropical touches of Indonesian natural colors, making each collection look perfect and exclusive and contain the meaning of beauty and beauty so that it can captivate anyone who sees it.

The Artine Kain Dress collection is inspired by Indonesian women who live surrounded by nature filled with various cultures of the archipelago. The cultural diversity and beautiful colors of Artine fabrics are appreciated in their clothes. A dress that depicts a beautiful, warm feel, so that the appearance of each collection is made exclusive and full of meaning.

Every scratch of the Dress Artine Kain symbol is a manifestation of the richness of Indonesian culture. Dress with various historical and philosophical sides contained in it. Artine combines humanism and spiritual values ​​with classic natural colors with beautiful, graceful and elegant colors. A touch of modern fashion with a deep meaning.

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