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The classic and modern motifs of Artine Kain’s work are firmer and have more character. The motifs contain noble aesthetic and philosophical values ​​which are packaged in the form of concise dress silhouettes with the appearance of modern pieces wrapped in visual beauty and philosophical beauty. Classical motifs have high artistic value, because they raise the values ​​of the past, which are beautiful and timeless.

Karya Busana Artine Kain embeds terms of meaning and philosophy, which are local wisdom with high aesthetic values. The philosophy of harmony and harmony between each other, the Creator and nature is embodied in the clothes. A designer creativity renovation that successfully combines classic motifs with modern fashion patterns and forms that have unique characteristics of the types of motifs and patterns of clothing as a form of appreciation for the richness of Indonesian culture. This motif contains the meaning of beauty and beauty so that other people who see it will be fascinated.

Arine Kain came up with something more modern and contemporary. Modern fashion with its history and classic beauty by processing various fashions into a civilization of fashion trends that are more characteristic, elegant and exclusive. Clothing that shows natural colors with more modern and exclusive motifs as a form of love for Indonesia’s cultural heritage with a lasting beauty.

Clothing by Artine Kain is designed classic and modern with a high level of beauty that does not fade through the ages with philosophical meanings that contain elements of life’s teachings. Exclusive clothing with visual beauty and beauty philosophy. Clothing with a harmonious combination of the arrangement of shapes, colors and a beautiful taste that is obtained because of the arrangement of meanings and symbols that make the image implied with meaning.

Match with the fresh colors of Artine Kain’s clothing. An elegant and dazzling dress dress with the use of materials that accentuate classic and modern motifs with exclusive nuances. Modernity elements with cultural elements in the history of Nusantara culture are the luxury values ​​of Artine Kain clothing.