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Rooted from a well-known proverb which tributes to the literal meaning of everlasting peacefulness and prosperity, Artine Kain’s newest season of the Gemah Ripah Collection intends to manifest the greater goods of Javanese culture and nature. This collection is hoped to symbolise the values that the proverb holds while relating it to the sincerity of human experiences and lives. As the collection itself represents classic and mature cuttings, Artine Kain fancies to highlight the timeless charisma of the fine patterns, namely: Gemah, Ripah, Loh, and Jinawi.


With the desire of representing the opulence of nature, Gemah is represented by a variety of fields, farmers, and most importantly, gunungan. Gunungan portrays the very essence of the lushness of lands through the arrangement of crops, while its shape which resembles a mountain signifies fortune and holiness. Dominated by the color green, Gemah also kindly associates its pattern with good luck.


By featuring the word Parangkusumo, which is the name of the coast that is believed to be the gate of the magnificent South Sea, Ripah aims to indicate a spiritual sense of an endless fortune of Java as the sea is infinite in nature. With
the representation of several shades of blue, Ripah also aspires to remind people with the depth of wisdom and stability.


A nuance of drama that is portrayed in Loh is coming from its combination of dark green and orange, which perfectly unite the meaning of hope and balance into one. Loh, too, thoughtfully highlights Labuhan Lawu as it is a procession that is performed perseveringly to express gratitude as well as praying for one’s welfare to The Almighty.


Knowing that the sun gives light and life to the living, Jinawi then illustrates the meaning of treasure and abundance through a pattern that shows how creatures willingly revolve around the powerful force. By using the base color of purple which embodies the quality of influence and wealth, Jinawi wishes to inspire people to be the source of strength to those around them.

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