8 Alasan Mengapa Dress Artine Kain

1. Feminine in dynamic style

The Illustration “Artine Kain” full of meaning and philosophy Yogyakarta culture. every style implies a philosophy in harmony between each other, the Creator and Nature to be able to express the beauty of character in each symbol.

2. Casual in feminine Style

“Artine Kain” is Fashion Stylish For Eternity. it’s easy to follow the development of fashion trends  that unique and contemporary style combining with an urban culture background.

3. Fomal in Feminine Style

Artine Kain are suitable for all formal and casual events. Soft colour pattren, silhouettes, exclusive in elegance and luxury style. The part of cotton from classic culture that convinient in various events.  

It provides an opportunity to explore Artine Kain’s style of dress.

4. Feminine Fashion Hijab Style

“Artine kain” is suitable to combined with hijab and very comfortable to use. 100% natural use which is relatively comfortable to wear everyday.

5. Using Japanese Technology Digital Print

The pattern looks detailed, firm natural color, and it looks new even  has been washed many times.

6. Advantages of “artine Kain”

  • Comfortable priority
  • High Quality Material (100% Natural: Cool & Lightweight)
  • Neat & Strong Stitches (Through Quality Control)
  • Unique design &Full of the Historical Philosophy of Indonesian Culture
  • Hypoallergenic characteristics (Safe for all skin types)
  • Firm Natural Color (Not Easy to Fade & Fade)
  • Many Variants design
  • Exclusive modern and classic

7. “Artine kain” Focuses On The Quality and Customer Satisfaction

Artine Kain has high standards in maintaining product quality (through Quality Control) and customer satisfaction is the main focus.  So, it fulfill all the customer needs.

8. Artine Trusted Branded

  • We provide 100% Money-back Guarante.
  • Our Product can be exchanged when the size is not suitable( Only change expedition cost) *
  • 100% money back guarantee Applicable: If it doesn’t arrive at the recipient’s address or receives in a damaged condition With Unboxing Video.  30 Days Product Guarantee if the color fades or gradation.
  • Every  transaction uses a company account, so you will be feeling safe during the transactions.

Artine Fabric Reveals Beauty In Terms of Characteristics of Modern Women Indonesian

Radiate Inner Beauty Charm In Artine Fabric Dress

Look beautiful and more characterful

Look More Charming & Enchanting

Look More Confident Looking Stunning With Softness

Paying More For Long Term Use ? Why Not!

Appreciate yourself right now

✅ Unique and interesting Motifs and Designs

✅ The color is not easily faded and faded

✅ Guaranteed original that gives the impression of luxury and elegance

✅hijab friendly 

✅ Artine Fabrics produced in limited edition

What “Artine Kain” customers say:

I really like this product. Initially I found Artine Kain products on the Instagram platform and decided to give it a try. I have to admit that Artine Kain products are of very high quality both in terms of materials and motifs. Since using Artine Kain, I am always ready to look my best in every activity because the motifs in each motif help me appear more confident and elegant in both formal and casual events. –

Our Customer Artine Fabrics –

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Artine is a Trademark since 2020. Every Artine Transaction uses a Company Account, so you will feel Security in Transactions.

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